Press Release – May 15, 2017


Opera Brittenica Presents a Revolutionary Opera for the Masses

BOSTON MA (May 15, 2017). Opera Brittenica’s Founder, Joshua Collier fresh from his European stint, followed by performances in Arkansas and Colorado, got back in town just in time for a special Mother’s Day presentation to the movers and shakers of the Filipino American community.

Collaborating with MAFFAA/KGB Productions, he assembled his team of opera singers to showcase Asian-themed arias with a twist that presented a very unique surprise for the attendees.

Bostonians braved the weather on that damp Sunday afternoon to witness an extraordinary showcase of talents, as each one of the performers tug into the heartstrings of those who attended.

In like manner of hosting a PBS telethon, Gerardo Gaddi & Karrel Bernardo of KGB Productions who are bringing Le Opera Noli Me Tangere to Boston, stepped up to their mettle in encouraging the attendees to spread the word of a new opera production that’s coming to town as well as constantly appealing for support from the audience all throughout the program

For thriving opera companies, this was a new approach to reaching to an untapped market. And what better way to attract such interest is by digging through the vault of a culture’s musical heritage and giving a new take on classic favorites with a fresh rendition by young artists?

The result was simply marvelous that brought some to tears while others gave a standing ovation. It was also a heartwarming tribute to all mothers who were present which touched family members deeply to the core, known for being tight knit as with all Asian American families

The purpose of the event was to organize the ground troops to help spread the word that will eventually translate into tickets sales. Having witnessed firsthand the enormous talent that was unveiled, was enough to galvanize the members of the community to go out and spread the good news via all forms of their social media network

And why Boston? From historical accounts, Boston became the center of the Abolitionists movement. And through the brilliant mind of Harriet Beecher Stowe who wrote the classic Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which incited the American Civil War that inspired Abraham Lincoln to free the slaves. An idea that spread like wildfire across the nation and around the world, reaching as far as Asia that transformed a gentle nation forever. Le Opera Noli Me Tangere has now reached American shores, coming home full circle

Now, that was one idea whose time has finally come. And with this new collaboration with the grassroots, we can only hope & see what the community will do next, come show time

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Gerardo Gaddi
Executive Director
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