Witness the marriage of two organizations that will signal the birth of a new paradigm in producing beautiful, cultural performances together…

lornaAfter a series of successful projects with Asian artists and Asian American Groups, most especially with the recently concluded sold-out showing at the prestigious Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater, MAFFAA had an epiphany that opened its eyes to a paradigm shift.  Through it’s indefatigable leader, Lorna Imperial-Siedel reached out to KGB Productions, the company who originally envisioned the World Premiere of Noli Me Tangere in Chicago, IL several years ago.  It is through their groundbreaking production which was well received by opera critics and applauded by opera enthusiasts alike that make Noli Me Tangere possible to be shared and widely appreciated by mainstream Americans.


Karrel Bernardo

Opera at the Crossroads is an initiative that began by our goal in bridging cultures. It is a refreshing, innovative gathering of Asian Pacific American citizens and community organizations from all across the United States.  This event is organized in conjunction with various Asian consular offices, tourism representatives, Asian American coalitions, local businesses, heritage societies and other Asian American member group.

America’s arts and vast cultural resources enrich our quality of life, providing a magnet for cultural tourism and greatly contributing to the city’s economic strength.  Where other industrial cities have struggled, Boston is a broad-based, diverse, culturally vibrant place to live and work.  Thus the arts play a major factor in that success.

It is my deepest hope that as we gear up for the month of May, that we might provide an avenue where we can get people to come together, learn our heritage and celebrate the diversity and acknowledge the similarities that make us all Americans.

So do take the time to Celebrate Diversity through the Arts with us.  Involve yourself, immerse in the experience with your family and friends, even in the company of your neighbors.  This is a time for us to gain a better understanding of our global family.  By attending the various events around the City of Boston and in your local communities, add to your itinerary to attend our carefully selected program that promises to be a unique experience, and have a better awareness and understanding of us as a global entity, thus making this great City of Boston a beacon of American exceptionalism.

Red Carpet Event

We’re launching our inaugural season in 2017.

lorna1“I look forward to future productions where I can educate this generation and the next to have a better appreciation of my musical heritage and create a greater awareness & understanding of the shared history of my native land and the United States.”

Lorna Imperial-Seidel, RN, PhD
Founder & President , Mid Atlantic Foundation For Asian Artists Inc.


“Building bridges and fostering diversity will reflect the changing times of my generation.”

                                              Karrel G. Bernardo, RN MS
                                         Chairman, KGB Productions



Our Mission

We are dedicated in offering an engaging musical production of outstanding quality that deeply connects audience and performer, presenting an innovative repertoire but rarely performed works of great masters, to enrich communities as well as create an atmosphere in which opera is accessible to a diverse audience in major American cities and neighboring states

Ianotherone think more and more people should venture out to the opera.  If anything, there’s a certain kind of feeling & ambiance evoked by this kind of art form that you wont get anywhere else.  The same way a Broadway theater beings in a bundle of emotions with elaborate production sets that is unique to its genre, as with movies, TV, concerts and the like.

So I urge everyone to go outside of their comfort zones and try something new, and experience a different side of humanities in the classical arts.

Besides there’s more to life than living inside comfort zones.  In fact, life begins outside of it.

Gerardo Gaddi
Executive Producer
Le Opera Noli Me Tangere